Converse All Stars Slippers


👟 Converse All Stars Slippers

🦶One size valid for sizes between 1-9 UK, 35-43 EU
The Measurement of the Slippers is 30 centimeters

✔️ Imitation of the Real Converse, but in a Slipper version
✔️Made of cotton
✔️Very comfortable
✔️Easy to put on
✔️PU sole

🥰 Don’t miss out on your warm Slippers for winter


For Converse Lovers and their Sneakers we bring these Converse House Shoes, unique Slippers that imitate the well-known Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Classic Shoes, that is, Converse Slippers of the world-renowned model of the Brand.

As you can see in the photos, it is an exact replica, but in a Slipper version, which will allow you to go home with the Style you like and at an unbeatable price.

And not only that, if what you are looking for is a unique gift that makes a difference, these Shoes are made for you. So that you give it to your friend or geek partner of the Sneakers and enjoy it as it deserves in the Comfort of your Home.

Converse Slippers

If you are hesitating between this model and another, we are going to give you a little more context about the Converse All Stars Slippers so that you can decide like a true fashion professional.

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1-9 UK / 35-43 EU


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